Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Over the last couple of days, my first times have been entirely house related. First, we went to see for the first time the palace we are renting for the duration until our house works start. Enough room to swing several small tigers, I can assure you. Five floors! I tell you, I won't want to leave and will have to be dragged out.

Today for the first time I met the builder who is going to carry out the gutting out and general magical transformation of our home. Classic male/female questions for the builder at our meeting. DH: "So, are we configuring the Cat 6 wiring in a star formation?" (yes, exactly, what?). Me: "No, we can't have the speakers there, it will clash with the colour of the wallpaper!" DH: "Does the repeat router need to be in the open or will the connectivity be affected if it's located in a cupboard?". Me: "Hey, can we paint the dressing room wall pink?". I think my questions were best really. TWO weeks and we are finally free of the Mexican green kitchen, and that kiln. Freedom!

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