Monday, 27 October 2008

DH and I are about to start major building works on our house. Whilst the major works are being done, which will take a year or so, we want to rent a house in the area. Amazingly enough, a house for rent has come up on our street, three doors down from us. So I had to go to see it, living there would be too good to be true. So off I went. It was only when I headed out to the garden that I realised what my first time would be - seeing my home, which I've lived in for a few years but hopefully many more, from a completely new angle. From this garden, it looked like a giant brick monstrosity (which it is). It dominates its neighbours. It's unneighbourly. It's given me real food for thought.

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SpittingYarn said...

Yaay! I've got myself a Blogger account, so I can leave you comments. How cool to get to see your house from a different perspective. I'd love to get into the block behind our new place so I can look back at it.