Thursday, 23 October 2008

Ooh, I have two first times to catch up! Yesterday, my first time was hearing my son, George, saying his first distinct words. Yeah, you say, he has been saying mama and dada for months, get over it. But this is the first time I have heard him say something distinct. So here it is. Itsy. Yes, you read that correctly. And before you say 'that's not a word' - it so is. Itsy Bitsy Spider? I was reciting said Spider tale to him as he came out of his bath and then there it was - a perfectly formed Itsy. He then said it 17 times in a row and this morning, as I lifted him out of his cot, he beamed at me and said it again. It-sy. Does this mean he will grow up to be a spider-collector? I am so impressed by this first time (which admittedly is someone else's first time, but I'm his Mum so whatever) that I went online and had him printed a tee shirt which says Itsy. I'll have it framed when he's bigger...

And that online voyage made me think of my first time for today. A sad story, this one. OK, I know that in the light of credit crunches, wars and famine it's not that sad at all, but I think you'll sympathise.

On my wedding day, 2 and half years ago (don't get me started on how perfect that day was, you'll never stop me) I wore a lip gloss which I loved. It is called Marzipan by Estée Lauder and is just perfect - a sparkly yet neutral shade which looks good with everything. I'm not usually a lip gloss girl but when I put this on, it makes me feel happy and reminds me of that day. Anyway. A few weeks ago, I ran out of said gloss. I put the empty tube in the bin and felt quite sad. So off I went to a make up counter to buy another one, so that I could again relive that happy day next time I put it on. But horrors of horrors the Estée Lauder Lady (and why do make up ladies always wear so much foundation? I digress.) told me that it had been discontinued. WHAT? - I cried. And not just discontinued in that store, but discontinued worldwide. Oh yes. I have to say that I almost shed a tear.

But anyway. Today, as I indulged the ridiculous urge which entailed buying a tee shirt printed with my son's first word, I decided to look online for the gloss. Not available anywhere in the UK. Not on ebay. And then I thought - why don't I - for the first time, throw caution to the wind disbelieve the expert and try calling a store in the US? So I did. I rather disproportionately called a store in New York and it has NOT been discontinued there and they have posted me a tube of it! Genius. All is well with the world.

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Ben Yeoh said...

Why is the US so special in this respect?