Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Over the course of yesterday and today (so you'll forgive me if this first time is shared over two days) I organised my first romantic trip away with my DH since George was born. I know that this is outrageous and that it's very important for couples to retain a sense of identity, fun and independence when they have a baby, blah-de-blah-de-blah, but just you try combining motherhood, full time work and, er, serious TV watching! Oh and it is so romantic and wonderful and special. We're getting the Eurostar, first class (credit crunch, what credit crunch?), to Paris. I've take a day off work. We're spending the day there. Together. Alone. No buggy. Just before Christmas. I have teed up a romantic lunch, some romantic ice-skating and of course some romantic shopping - what could be more romantic than seeing your loved one's face light up as she finds the perfect pair of shoes, huh? See the Galeries Lafayette's Christmas make-over and die, as they say.

And it's all thanks to this blog. I'd never have done it otherwise.

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