Sunday, 26 October 2008

Lots of first times this weekend to report, including a look at the £1.5million gold statue of Kate Moss in the British Museum (at the entrance to the gallery where the Elgin Marbles are displayed - can you think of anything more strange?). Oh and while we're on the Elgin Marbles, my view is that the Marbles should be returned to Greece - I know that they say that they wouldn't exist if it weren't for the UK but isn't keeping them is a bit like saying that a foster family shouldn't return a foster child when her mother has shaped up? Anyway.

As usual, I digress. That wasn't the first time I wanted to tell you about for Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, as one does, I went to the supermarket. Big mistake of course, the worst day to go. As I stood in the queue for an age, I decided that my first time for the day would be a very non-London thing - I would actually attempt a conversation with someone in the queue. So picked the lady in front of me, on the basis that she was the least likely person I would usually pick (there was quite a good-looking man behind me, for example) and I am so glad that I did. She was 80 years old. She had a fantastic Italian accent, so I asked where she was from - she said that she was born in Italy but had married a Scottish man and moved to the UK. He was a coal miner, she explained, who died after he got coal dust on his lungs for many years. She was full of praise for him and said that he was the best husband a woman could have. She was delighted to hear that I also had a lovely Scottish husband. I asked if she had any children, and she said 'no - the bambinos never came' with a wistful look in her eyes. I loved her. She said she was quite alone, but had her friends at the Italian Church. I've given her my number, so hopefully she will call me next time she goes shopping.

On Sunday, George and I headed off, for the first time, to the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. This will mean nothing to those who have no children, but is a space of utter genius for small (and big) children. George, who has decided this weekend to walk for the first time, scooted around it, playing in sandpits, looking at light displays and dressing up in bunny ears. Total result for his endless-photo-opportunity Mummy.

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