Wednesday, 15 October 2008

There's something a bit manly about my first times so far, and I'm beginning to worry if in my heart of hearts, this whole endeavour is about becoming a bit more brave? But anyway...

Today I went on a guided tour of the Brit Oval cricket ground. For those of you who've not had the privilege of going to the Oval (or indeed who have no idea what on earth I'm talking about), the Brit Oval is the second largest cricket venue in the country. Cricket? That very English obsession with wearing white clothes and hitting a small ball with a large bat in a very dignified manner? The current England captain is actually South African? Anyway. Quaint English thing. To cricket fans, this is a bit of a Mecca, with test cricket having been played there for the last 120 years.

A guided tour is a rare event. I love cricket and was delighted as wewent all around the ground, looked at the stands, went in the executive boxes and marvelled at the proximity of the iconic gas holders immediately next door. I was really disproportionately excited and as my excitement grew, so did the pitch of my voice. It's funny how an inside look at a public place can do that to you.

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