Sunday, 19 October 2008

So can you wear teenage fashion when you're over 21?

Today, for the first time, I wore footless tights. Out of the house. And I'm 35 years old (get over it). I even went out and wandered around for 3 whole hours in them. And I had a ball. I managed to ignore my inner voice, telling me that Lindsay Lohan wears them and certainly no one over the age of 21 looks good in them. DH looked at me questioningly as I came down the stairs, but that was it. No hordes proclaiming 'hey - are you a Ting Tings reject?'

I have chosen this photo because my outfit looked remarkably like this one, and there is no way that my photo of my actual outfit is making it onto the web (until I've got braver).

I have now embraced the whole teenage fashion thing. Peaches Geldof, eat your heart out. I'm going out tomorrow to buy some blue tights and pink tights for winter. I'm going to buy more footless tights. I'm going to buy some shoe boots. If I can't dress teenage now, then when?

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